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Prices, general
Validity Prices you see on the site should be valid all throughout the year.
Prices apply to any client on arrival (OTC - over the counter prices).
General All prices are final, and cover all taxes and VAT. However, some local taxes (usually not significant) are not considered as part of the services, and need to be paid on arrival.

All our prices are in lei.
Occasionally people might refer at prices with many zeros (...yep...millions!) - they are reminiscent of the old lei which had 4 extra zeros.
Full details over the exchange rates and payments are available at Tips.

Prices, reliability
Tours We make our tours from scratch, and we run them.
Therefore the prices displayed on the site are correct, and you can rely on them covering exactly the specifications.

You can get discounts on the tours providing that you bring along several paying persons at once.

We do sell our own programs, but we do not broker accommodation or services.
We might do something close to that when we program for you a custom-made tour, but then it is only collateral.

The prices and tariffs shown on the site are simply declared to us by those selling them.
Sometimes they forget to send us the updates.
The good part is that you might bargain a bit.
The down-side is that there is no way to claim anything if they have changed prices.

Note that in some cases there is a plethora of different prices at the same address for more or less obscure reasons.
In order to keep things tidy we reduced all to a minimum that is clearer and easier to compare - and as a result you might get intervals instead of fix numbers.