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What is
this site?
Simply put: a guide to explore Romania.

We have no intention to be exhaustive.
Instead, we prefer to focus on the 20% of the surface that probably features over 80% of the highlights.

  • it is meant for the beginner or for the foreign tourist, who can almost do without prior information.
  • it uses icons and "search" which can speed up things.
  • it promotes our own adventure-discovery tours.
  • it focuses on activities and sports.
  • it describes thoroughly providers of tourism services
  • one can easily follow a particular thread in themes/activities under the "hobby" chapter.
  • What are we? We, the owners of the site are a small private company that makes and runs programs in Romania, mostly of active involvement and outdoor activities.
    We have been working as local providers for west European companies for quite a long time.
    We have been supplying, as well, independent private groups.
    What do we avoid on the site?
  • excess of words - we favour a straight forward approach.
  • excess of resources - we settled for a simple layout, that should work on most of the computers.
  • "didactic" descriptions - we mean to give you reasons why to visit targets, in no case shall we provide a description meant to replace the visit.
  • deceptive photos - the photographs we included have been made without special preparation.
  • use of patterns - we neglected the "traditional" ways to divide the country, introducing zones fit to the need of the tourist.
  • How to use the site? You might just want to try the menu immediately. If not, here is the essential:
  • most of the data including geography, zones, cities are at main (map), while explanations are available at help.
  • already made tours/programs can be found at tours.
  • you can follow an activity/theme thread at hobby.