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 The highlights are:  Orienteering , Communism , Crafts , Dracula , Museums , Other attractions , Religion , Walking , Witchcraft , 4WD , Ball sports , Balneology , Bike , Caves / karst , Climbing , Cuisine , Fishing , Folklore , Golf , History & culture , Horse riding , Hunting , Motorcycle , Mountains , Nature , Peasant activities , Sailing , Sea-side , Ski , Swimming , Tennis , Traditional vehicles , Whitewater

Orienteering means to identify itineraries or certain landmarks in-the-field.
The environment for orienteering can be the same as for walking or trekking, but a complex unpredictable area is best.
It does not request special infrastructure.
Quite a lot of the described locations can be used.
Weird remains of a period that most of the Romanians want to forget about, have become attractions for the tourists."
We include here all traditional manufacturing activities that can be done as a permanent occupation..

Whatever other activities that are more a hobby than an occupation are described at "folklore".

We can frequently get a practical demonstration instead of an exhibition at locations listed at this category.
A fantastic story, an Irish author, the great success in America and the action taking place in Romania - that has all become subject to marketing and kitsch artifacts.
It is true that we have Transylvania and the Borgo pass (Birgau). Just as well there are impressive castles and there was a ruler with a resembling name (that was a lot of time prior to the action of the book).
The rest is about financial results and how to attract the tourists.
      Other attractions
Other attractions
The pure religious theme means pilgrimage to certain targets, and on specific dates.

There are a lot of churches and monasteries for the usual tourist, as for example those in Bucovina, that are main attractions for tourism in Romania.
Walking means the pedestrian progress at low elevation over mild slopes.

Trekking is subject for the "mountain" chapter.

When possible walking is done through an attractive scenery, and with brakes to visit various targets; as well it is preferable to replace the return sectors with circuits. The distances covered daily reach tens of kilometers.

Walking does not request special infrastructure.

Most of the described locations are proper for walking.
It is not difficult, even in this century to find authentic witches in Romania.

You don't need to be a believer, you need just to be curious about such a thing...

We shall describe here the crossing of difficult sectors (with/without a road) employing 4WD vehicles, involving two different approaches:

- pushing over the limits of the vehicle and driver, which can be done as well in a specially fitted perimeter.

- expeditions, crossing sectors and/or reaching targets where you can not get otherwise.

Since not even the roads are essential we can conclude that it requires no special infrastructure; itinerant programs could be organized as well, since the vehicle allow for maximum mobility.

If you own a 4x4 there are a lot of proper places to do this.

There are as well possibilities to rent such a car.
     Ball sports
A lot of the ball sports only require a simple flat surface, without facilities.

Most of the described locations offer such conditions.
The category covers the drug-free (mostly preventive) treatment carried out in spas and resorts.
We shall include here the use of a bicycle (frequently a mountain-bike) on various surfaces starting with good roads and ending with mountain paths.

We mostly focus on short routes, up to a full day (thus we generally neglect itinerant tours).

Since even a path can do - we can conclude this requires no infrastructure.

If you have your own bicycle there are proper choices most everywhere.

It is possible to rent a bike as well, delivery can in certain cases be done where you order.
     Caves / karst
Karst means the result of the dissolution generated by water on rocks (mainly limestone), either at the surface or underground (caves).
Romania has no permanent glaciers and the maximum elevation is about 2500m. Therefore climbing or escalade involves mostly routes on vertical/overhanging rock with/without artificial support and specific safety measures.

Climbers use only their own equipments.

There are a lot of areas fit for escalade.
Of course that cuisine should not be the most important part for a program, but it is always good when it delivers a positive impact.

Any tourist gets very much personally involved in testing the results, and of course the local touch and the talent of the chef make finally the difference.
Fishing can be done from the alpine lakes to the sea, the only condition being the presence of fish.

Fishers only use their own equipment.

There are several places where you can fish, but you need to be sure you have the proper authorization to do so.
Romania has a traditional structure and mentality in most of the villages.

Of course that the drift closer to the western Europe shall impair the survival of this on the long run.

You can easily remark the overwhelming presence of village houses in our site, thus we promote this direction to the foreigners as well as to the Romanians that want to discover their roots.

Most of the villages owe their attractiveness to folklore.
Golf depends on the existence of proper facilities.

The percentage of Romanians that would practice this sport is almost negligible, hence the low number of proper facilities.
     History & culture
These targets are usually those we immediately associate with tourism, such as a museum, an architecture highlight, a ruin or a festival.

They all consist the static part of any program, that we should mix with the proper amount of active involvement.

There are several locations that have become attractions because they have such highlights.
     Horse riding
We include here the facilities that can rent riding horses and accessories with/without personnel to escort, guide or teach.

Most of the parameters of what can be done depends on the certain provider.
You can only hunt under supervised conditions.

We advocate mostly "hunting with the photo-camera".

There are quite a few areas with rich wildlife.
We describe here the use of motorcycles on proper roads, but mostly on difficult sectors and even on trails or other minimal surface.

Having such a tolerance span we can conclude it requires no infrastructure; since mobility is good it can cover destinations far from the base or do itinerant programs.

If you use your own motorbike most of the locations can do.

Renting motorcycles and accessories is possible as well.

A.T.V. (all terrain vehicle) have similar requirements, thus all indications from motorcycles should be applicable, and we found no need to make a separate entry.
The mountains are a target for several activities, but we shall mainly deal with trekking here.

Trekking means walking on paths in the mountains, at high elevation, with steep slopes with specific climate. Trekking requires proper knowledge, special equipments, and training.

It does not request special infrastructure.

Most of the locations in the mountain area offer entry on paths fit for trekking.
Nature, as well as history and culture are the main targets that you look for as a tourist. There are several locations that have become attractions because they have natural targets as highlights.
     Peasant activities
The tourist coming from the big cities might enjoy getting involved in traditional village activities as cutting the hay or preparing the food.

Most of the village houses offer such entertainment.

Sometimes you get specialized providers for such activities.
We shall cover here any sailing style, on still water, on slow flowing rivers or on the Black Sea.

The category includes the scenery and activities you find on the Black Sea coast.
Cross-country ski can be done almost everywhere when you get enough snow.

Alpine ski requires specially maintained slopes and most important, cable transport. The ski resorts have these facilities, but usually you should expect a capacity lower than the demand in mid-season. Smaller ski centers only have ski-lifts, which usually reduces the gliding length to beginner level.
Swimming can be done at locations having proper facilities.
Tennis depends on the existence of proper facilities.
     Traditional vehicles
Covers the leisure rides one can get in wagons or in sledges. Although it does not exactly fit, we have included here as well other unusual vehicles as the narrow railway trains..

Such vehicles are available at many village houses which offer such an alternative to visit the surroundings, entering a different dimension of time and speed.
We shall cover at this category several sports that use a rapid water flow, mostly a mountain river in a narrow sector or gorge. It might involve boats, inflatable boats and rafts, canyoning and of course swimming.

We can state that Romania has huge possibilities for these sports, but they have not been used yet, nor is it possible to rent equipments or find guides/instructors.